Reasons Why Glass Office Partitions Are Better Than High-Walled Cubicles and Open Spaces

Research has had contradictory results when trying to determine whether an open office design or one with high-walled cubicles is better. Both have advantages and disadvantages for individual workers and for the employees as a group. However, business owners and managers are increasingly choosing glass office wall partitions instead of solid cubicle walls or an entirely open office. They still may include those other two features in various departments, but they like the advantages offered by clear partitions.

Privacy Without Isolation

The main advantage is the ability of these walls to provide privacy while also keeping employees visible to one another. A sense of teamwork is fostered and employees stay more motivated as they see their co-workers busy being productive. They don't feel isolated.

However, the office is quieter than a fully open space. This is beneficial when workers must concentrate on challenging tasks or when they must have conversations with customers, clients and sales prospects on the phone. Examples of glass partitions can be seen at

Better Productivity

Employers have found their workers in lower-level positions tend to be more productive when they are not in a cubicle hidden from view. They know they can't goof around without being seen by other employees.


Clients and other visitors to the office will admire the glass partitions since they give the place a sleek, modern appearance. Cubicles have come to look dated, like a relic of pre-21st Century office design. Today's office designers may want to spend some time visiting to get a better sense of how glass partitions can improve the aesthetic quality of the building's interior.

Cubicles tend to start looking a bit rough and dingy over time. They are difficult to keep clean and can show dirt that accumulates naturally in any environment that includes numerous workers. They also may begin to fade, losing the original color. In contrast, when a business owner or manager decides to install custom glass for partitions, these negative effects do not occur. Glass is easy to wash and its appearance does not change over time due to normal environmental effects.

Reduced Costs for Lighting

Less light is needed when partitions are made of glass instead of opaque materials. That can help companies save on electricity costs. Natural light coming in from windows on one side of the building will be able to reach workers all the way across the room. Companies like Capitol Glass provide glass office dividers for commercial and institutional use.